What can I tell my boss to get to go the NZOUG Conference?

Copy past the below and fill in the "blanks":

This is your Letter to Management.

NZOUG 2014 is the local Oracle conference our company should attend this year.

Every year, the NZOUG Conference offer sessions and hands-on labs geared toward helping customers get the most out of their current IT investments.

This year’s sessions include presentations on Oracle’s products and solutions, which eliminate huge amounts of IT labour while improving performance, availability, security, and management. Attendees also have the chance learn how their companies can capture the performance and cost benefits of cloud consolidation; improve security; and leverage Oracle’s extended lines of CRM and ERP applications, to get the most from their enterprise application infrastructures.

Finally, the Who’s Who of the Oracle ecosystem internationally and more specifically in New Zealand is available at NZOUG: attendees from our company will get targeted, insightful advice directly from the people who know the technology best, and can participate in question-and-answer sessions - obtaining high-value tips from experts, peers, and industry leaders.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the practical, educational, and networking opportunities available at NZOUG 2014 are well worth the costs detailed below, and I look forward to your support for my attendance.

Full Conference Registration:

Conference Registration: $

Airfare: $     
Hotel: $     
Meals: $     

Total travel costs: $     
Total conference cost: $     

In order to take advantage of the Early Bird registration discount, I would greatly appreciate a response by .
Thank you in advance for your consideration.