Oracle Meetups

Below are Oracle related meetups which are hosted by, or organized by Oracle enthusiasts living in New Zealand.  If you are aware of Oracle related meetups not mentioned in the list or you would like to have your meetup added, please contact the NZOUG committee to review and add the details.

Auckland Oracle DBA Meetup

This Auckland Oracle DBA Meetup is a meetup with specific focus on the Oracle Database Administrator of all levels.  Topics covered in this meetup include Oracle 12c New Features, RMAN, Backup and Recovery, Data Guard, Oracle RAC, PL/SQL, Performance Tuning, Virtualization, Oracle Linux, Oracle Virtualization Technologies, Professional Development, Cloud Computing for the Oracle DBA - DBaaS, DRaaS, PaaS, SaaS, SQL, SQL*Plus etc.  

Anyone is welcome to attend this session and more details on the scheduled meetups can be found on their web site.  Current meetup dates include:

Auckland Oracle Applications Meetup

Wellington Oracle Meetup

ORAPEX-NZ Meetup - (Oracle Application Express (APEX) Meetup - NZ)