Develop Mobile Apps for iOS and Android with ADF Mobile

  • Posted on: 11 April 2013
  • By: milina.ristic
Publish Date: 
1 Apr 2013
With the rapid advancement of mobile operating systems, developers can now use a variety of Web-based or device-native techniques to create compelling mobile applications to meet the demands of enterprise mobile users. However, to create mobile enterprise applications that support the mobile devices commonly found in enterprises today, developers basically have to develop the same application several times, using multiple tools, languages, and platforms. This session discusses how Oracle Application Development Framework and Oracle JDeveloper bring together Web and device-native technologies into a common and consistent development environment and deliver consistent and powerful composite mobile applications to end users.
Chris Muir
Oracle Corporation
Presenter Biography: 
Chris Muir is a Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Corporation's Development Tools in JDeveloper and the Application Development Framework (ADF). Prior to joining Oracle in 2012 Chris was employed as an independent consultant specializing in Oracle development technologies, with focus on JDeveloper, ADF and web services. Chris was also an Oracle ACE Director prior to joining Oracle, was awarded the Oracle ACE Director of the Year award by Oracle Magazine in 2009, a frequent presenter at user group events, and was the founder of the ADF EMG.