Database Consolidation with Oracle

  • Posted on: 11 April 2013
  • By: milina.ristic
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1 Apr 2013
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The presentation talks about the architectural principals in consolidating Oracle databases on shared infrastructure with a detailed technical discussion on an Oracle 11g RAC database consolidation solution put into practice for a large New Zealand’s Telecom provider. The architecture for this solution is driven by multiple Oracle 11g RAC database tiers positioned on an organization’s RPO/RTO & DRTO. Oracle products like Oracle ASM, Oracle Active Data Guard, Oracle 12c Grid Control and Oracle Advanced Compression have been used to achieve this solution. Oracle Golden Gate, Streams, Transportable Tablespace and Data Pump have been used to achieve database migration. The presentation will cover: 1) Database Consolidation Approach 2) Business need 3) Benefits of database consolidation 4) Oracle Products used 5) Oracle 11g RAC Solution 6) Application tiers 7) Stake holder value proposition 8) Benefits achieved 9) Future proofing - Oracle products positioned to implemented on platform 10) Oracle Migration Techniques - case study
Sumanth Kaushik
HP Ltd
Presenter Biography: 
Sumanth is a Senior Database Administrator with HP Ltd New Zealand. Sumanth has 12 years of specialist Oracle experience in a variety of roles including: DBA, Database Architect and Database Consultant. He has experience in consulting to large companies in NZ, Singapore and USA; on projects that involve: cluster design/installation, data migration, database upgrade and database performance tuning. Sumanth has specific experience with Oracle RAC, Oracle Streams, Oracle CDC and Oracle Golden Gate; and is Oracle certified in Oracle 10g RAC and Oracle Certified Professional - 11g.